First Grade Weekly Newsletter

Week of: May 29-June 2

Language Arts:

  • Essential Question: Why is teamwork important in school or sports?
  • Phonics: Syllable Pattern CV, Prefixes un-, re-
  • Fluency: Rate
  • Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Main Idea and Details, Narrative Nonfiction, Summarize
  • Writing: Informative Writing
  • Grammar: Adjectives that Compare
  • Vocabulary Strategies: Suffix -ly


  • First Grade End of the Year Review


  •  Heredity-Structure, Function, and Information Processing Cont.


  •  PE is on Tuesday and Friday this week! Please make sure to wear tennis shoes.

Character Trait Focus:

  • May Character Trait: Be Cooperative

Looking Ahead:

  • No School May 26 and 29
  • First Grade End of School Party Thursday, June 8 10:20-12:20
  • Last Day of School Friday, June 9


  • Practice Math Facts each night.
  • A reminder to read with your child each night for 15 minutes.
  • Please turn in Journal writing homework on Fridays.